About Alan

Who I am.

My name is Alan Hylands and I am a data analyst and writer from Northern Ireland.

What I've done.

I've worked in tech, data and analytics for the past 20 years - building, reporting, analysing, managing and mentoring.

I have:

  • Helped nurses provide better care for their patients by more accurately recording and reporting their treatments.
  • Allowed small local businesses to successfully sell their goods to all four corners of the globe from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Kept the savings of hundreds of thousands of ordinary people safe when the dark clouds of the financial crash loomed over us all.
  • Built Customer Lifetime Value models to segment customer bases and get to know the best customers better.
  • And much, much more (that I'm not allowed to tell about. Good old corporate NDAs.)

What I'm doing now.

I currently work for tech company Zapier as a Senior Data Scientist.

Where you can find me.

You can contact by email: alan AT alanhylands DOT com


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