"I know having SQL as a skill will open a lot more doors in the data world.

But I've always found it hard to self teach SQL. It was very boring."

So you don't have any SQL experience.

All you're getting is tumbleweed when you apply for data jobs that ask for SQL knowledge. It's starting to look like you'll never get your foot in the door.

What if you could start looking at SQL job adverts TODAY and KNOW you already have the chops to get that first interview.

You don't need 20+ hours to spend on a Udemy SQL course. You don't have to spend a fortune on an expensive training course to get started.

What you need are the simple fundamentals of SQL all neatly packaged in our bite-sized FREE crash course:

The Beginners Crash Course Intro To SQL.

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Who is this FREE Crash Course for?

  • You've been working with data and spreadsheets for years in your current job. Excel was your gateway drug. A macro here, a formula there. But no-one takes you seriously when you want to make the move into an actual BI analyst role.
  • You've taken Data Analytics classes in college and filled your resume with buzzwords aplenty. Spark, Hadoop, Python, R. But hiring managers won't even consider you for entry level BI jobs. They see your face drop into a sad frown when they mention your lack of SQL knowledge.
  • You hear recruiters say "every analyst should know the basics of SQL" but you don't even know where to begin.
Fear not. You don't need any experience of SQL or coding for this course. We'll take it slowly and build the solid groundwork you'll need to get started.

What does it cover?

In these short, easy lessons, you will learn:
  • what SQL is and where you should use it.
  • how to get data out of a database table (I call this one the Million Dollar Lesson).
  • how to put new data into a table.
  • how to change values already sitting in a table.
  • the dark art of removing data from your database.
You will take away the simple to learn SQL keywords that will form the basis of your future successful career in analytics and BI. All wrapped up in short, concise lessons that only take a few minutes to read.

Is SQL really that important for a career in data?

I have been recruiting data analysts in my day job for the past ten years. Without exception, every resume search in that time has started with me looking first for their SQL experience. If I don't see it, you don't get an interview.

End of story.

Let's hear from some other experienced data managers and recruiters:

"You need to know SQL or you aren't employable"

"I would start by learning SQL"

"Get strong SQL skills"

"If you can do SQL you will have more job options meaning in the end a job with higher salary or benefits"

"Before you know SQL it should be forbidden to have data in your job title"
Get started right now with the first lesson (it only takes a few minutes).

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